CrystaLac Dye Stain

$ 22.99

CrystaLac has developed one of the most versatile and beautiful wood stain systems offered today. Start with twelve different waterborne dye stain colors made from the highest grade of fade-resistant pigments. These pigments are ground to nano-sized particles and blended with transparent dyes to provide you with rich, exciting colors. But that is just the start! Blend stain with CrystaLac Clear Stain Base (can be used alone as a stain conditioner) to produce lighter shades of the standard colors; intermix standard colors for totally unique color creations. The possibilities are endless, but we still aren’t done! We offer the twelve standard color dye stains in two formulations. The CrystaLac Dye Stain is formulated for wiping, brushing or spraying application. The CrystaLac Dye Stain Mousse is a gel formulation which is great for vertical surfaces or hard-to-stain surfaces. Stain is ready to topcoat in about an hour.

  • 12 intermixable colors
  • Excellent fade-resistance
  • Environmentally safe
  • Use Clear Stain Base as conditioner or to mix with colors
  • Easy application – wipe, brush, or spray (mousse is not sprayable)
  • Quick-dry; topcoat in about an hour
  • Low VOC content and low odor
  • Quick and easy water clean-up
  • Dye Stain Sizes: ½ Pint, Quart, Gallon
  • Mousse Dye Stain Sizes: ½ Pint, Quart